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Mobility: A person’s ability to move independently and safely from one place to another.

Mobility is a key issue in our independence and quality of life. Generally, mobility issues are associated with the elderly but anyone can experience limitations in mobility due to illness or disability.

We all enjoy going out with friends, shopping, enjoying family trips and vacations but when mobility issues arise we may feel dependent upon family or friends. Simple tasks around the house may become difficult or impossible due to immobility.

There are many assistive devices available to help with one’s independence, from something as basic as a cane to a power scooter or wheelchair. The inability to get around on one’s own does not mean giving up one’s independence.

From something as basic as a cane to a power scooter or lift chair, many options are available to meet the canesindividual needs of someone with mobility limitations.

There are various types of canes, a standard crook cane for someone who may be unsteady when they walk to a quad cane which affords more stability.

walkerWhen additional assistance is required the use of a standard folding walker or rollator may be the correct walking aid. Rollators are available in Bariatric as well as standard models, in various colors and wheel sizes, some have seats and a wire basket as standard equipment.

At home and having trouble sitting or rising from a chair? A lift chair is a great solution and it is a nice piece of furniture for your home also. The lift chair assists the user when getting to his or her feet by gently raising the seat until the user is in a standing position.

Wheelchairs, manual or power, for pediatric and adult users, come in many styles and types based on the need zippieof the user and his or her lifestyle.

Whatever the mobility need or limitation, our knowledgeable and expert staff is ready to put you or your loved one in the proper mobility product.