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At Frontier Home Medical, we offer our clientele the ease of RESUPPLY for CPAP/BiPAP supplies and Incontinence supplies.

CPAP/BiPAP Supplies:

Frontier Home Medical's reorder system will allow us to contact you every 3 months to inform you of which supplies you are eligible for through your insurance at that time. Replacing your CPAP/BiPAP supplies on a regular basis is essential for proper operation of your equipment. Routinely changing your CPAP/BiPAP supplies is important to the success of your treatment and longevity of your machine. It is important to keep your equipment clean in order to prevent bacterial growth and to decrease the chance of infections.

The schedule below lists the common products used with your CPAP/BiPAP which require replacing:

Description Replacement
Description Replacement
CPAP Mask Every 3 Months Tubing Every 3 Months
CPAP Cushion EveryMonth Disposable Filter EveryMonth
Nasal Pillows EveryMonth Non-disposable Filter Every 6 Months
Headgear Every 6 Months Humidifier Chamber Once a Year
Chinstrap Every 6 Months Misc. Items Customer Pays

Incontinence Supplies:

Frontier Home Medical has the ability to ship your incontinence supplies as needed every month and deliver right to your doorstep! The privacy and ease of our service is something we are pleased to offer our clients. Your Insurance will allow a certain amount each month and our trained staff can keep track of this and take the worry out of the billing.


Shipping is on us! There are no hidden fees associated with our resupply for CPAP/BiPAP or Incontinence items. However if there are any returns or exchanges that need made, this will be at the expense of the client and not Frontier Home Medical.


Personal Hygiene products may not be returned to Frontier Home Medical once delivery has taken place. Unopened supplies, with no evidence of damage, may be considered for exchange of a similar item or returned. Frontier Home Medical must be contacted within 5 days of receiving order for this to be a consideration. Any shipping charges associated with the return or exchange is at the expense of the client.Of course the client is free to return or exchange items at one of our 10 store locations.